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2023: 01 January

Welcome to the new year - better than the old year!

SunNeverSetsOnMusic - new and innovative music from around the world in 2023!

Since SunNeverSetsOnMusic began, our primary focus has been our monthly review of (mostly) new and innovative albums. This was a way to index the music we'd been streaming, in a more interactive and attractive format than the streaming services' playlists offered - like the display wall at a record store.

Our format has evolved over time. We began by posting the cover art in a simple grid, with Spotify links to each album. Later, we added album reviews (mostly by others and with links to the original source), the recording label, the release date and a one-to-five star rating.

This year, we hope that the addition of our new blog will add a more personable and expansive element to the site and allow us to post more frequently. We will also revert to displaying the albums as just a grid, with just a link to external reviews, rather than including the review itself. Our YouTube channel is unchanged.

We hope you find that these changes are for the better!

So click on!! And (most of all) - enjoy the music!


This will bring a Smile!

Even though there's any number of The Smile's live shows appearing on YouTube, that better represent their in-full-flight power & range, this little performance at NPR's Tiny Desk is charming - especially as it includes Thom's awkward, self-deprecating mid-show reference to the day's sartorial choice.


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