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2024 World Tour #1 - Japan

Updated: Feb 13

In 2024 SunNeverSetsOnMusic invites you on a virtual world tour in search of the best new music from around the world.

Our first destination is Japan, where we find a new generation of Japanese artists who have embraced the century-old Japanese love of jazz and are bringing a fresh approach to everything they do - world-aware and ever-informed by their Japanese heritage.

This vibrant, inter-connected music community, includes expatriate artists who have set up bases in Europe, North America and Australia.

We hope you enjoy! See You Soon!

楽しんでいただければ幸いです。 また近いうちにお会いしましょう!

Tanoshinde itadakereba saiwaidesu. Mata chikaiuchini o ai shimashou!

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