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2024 World Tour #2 - Brazil

Updated: Feb 24

It's February - the month of Carnival in Brazil!

So Stage 2 of SunNeverSetsOnMusic's virtual world tour takes us to Brazil, as we continue our search of the best new music from around the world

With its roots deep in indigenous heritage, overlaid by centuries of African and Portuguese influence, we find Samba (the pulse of Carnival!)and a vibrant new music scene that is thriving despite its relative linguistic and geographical isolation.

Internationally, Brazilian music is probably best known in the work of of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gilberto Gil, Joao (and Astrud) Gilberto and Sergio Mendes. At home, Brazilians would add the names of Roberto Carlos, Chico Buarque de Hollandia, Marisa Monte, Gal Costa, Jorge Ben Jor and Elis Regina. And the top ten best-selling artists domestically includes Carlos, Nelseon Goncalves, Angela Maria, Rita Lee, Tonico & Tinoco, XuXu, Benito di Paula, Nelson Ned, Raca Negra, Chitaozinho & Xororo.

The genre groups that these artist represent is an indication of the breadth of popular taste that is unique to Brazil, that includes Samba, Sertanejo, Brega, Pagode, MPB Rock & Children's music.

Helping us find our way wepay tribute to the wonderful - the Pitchfork, Rolling Stone or NME of Brazil - which gave us great insight into the music.

Esperamos que você goste de nossas seleções! Vejo você em breve!

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