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Celebrate Charlie Mariano

Updated: Jan 11

Boston born saxophonist Charlie Mariano (November 12, 1923 – June 16, 2009) is one of those musicians who, although highly prolific and universally revered by all who are exposed to his work, remains almost unknown to the general public. This is a great shame - his music is as interesting and varied as many of his contemporaries and deserves it's place every jazz collection.

The Guardian's Obituary is essential reading for those interested in Mariano's pedigree and extensive career, but for sunneversetsonmusic it was the sublime "Jyothi", his 1983 ECM collaboration with the Karnataka College Of Percussion that drew our attention.

The album is the perfect meeting of what The Guardian called "Mariano's haunting sound and frequent migration to a high, imploring register", and the vocal and musical traditions of the southern Indian state.

Link to Spotify playlist, or click on the image above.

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