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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

This week we celebrate NAIDOC Week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Organising Committee) with a playlist from 2022/2023 that highlights the diverse excellence of Australia's indigenous musicianship.

Artists represented include Ngulmiya, William Barton, Bumpy, King Stingray, Charlie Needs Braces, Jess Hitchcock, Jem (and Troy) Cassar-Daley, Thelma Plum, Mo'Ju, Miiesha, Aodhan, Robert K Champion, Ziggy Ramo, KIAN, Budjerah, Aachem, Tasman Keith, Yirrmal, Electric Fields, Andrew Gurruwiwi, Izy, Pirritu, Emma Donovan, Aimee Hannan, Loren Ryan and many, many more.

There's a mix of albums, EP's and singles and a wide range of approaches from the spiritual to the profane, folk to hip-hop, country to urban.

Select your favourite artists, discover new treasures or shuffle-play and enjoy!

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