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On & On - Jose James, Erykah Badu & Alice Coltrane

On his new album, Jose James pays homage to Arykah Badu and Alice Coltrane, by reworking seven of the former's classic songs and replicating the album artwork from one of the latter's most important releases.

Jose James' January 2023 release "On & On" pays homage to Erykah Badu, revisiting seven of her most outstanding songs, from all stages of her career, re-presenting them in his very own style, while remaining faithful to the originals. He is supported on this project by a truly exceptional young group of musicians: Big Yuki (Fender Rhodes and Hammond), Ebban Dorsey (alto), Diana Dzhabbar (flute and alto). Ben Williams (bass).

In addition, James uses the album cover artwork to pay homage to the great Alice Coltrane: the cover photograph and typology replicates the cover of Coltrane's increasingly influential 1967 release "Journey in Satchidananda". Whereas Coltrane credited tenor saxophonist, the late, Pharoah Sanders on her cover, James credits rising saxophonists Dorsey and Dzhabbar.

We're sure that if you loved Erykah Badu's original works, you will love Jose James' covers just as much. So we created a playlist that runs them side by side and finishes of with the Alice Coltrane's "Journey", for good measure!

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