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"Why do we stop exploring new music as we get older?"

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

This article from The Conversation sheds light on a mystery - why many people's musical tastebuds seem to be cauterized at the end of their teens; whose default seems to become Regurgitator's 1997 refrain "I like your old stuff better than your new stuff".

This phenomenon may benefit many performers, allowing them to sing their hits into their dotage, on the Winery Tour and Festival Circuits, but (as I hope shows out in our monthly and annual playlists on SunNeverSetsOnMusic), there's more good NEW music around now, than ever before.

Some of it is even from the very artists who we listened to in our teens, who've moved on to richer, new artistic fields.

To counter Regurgitator's philosophy we suggest adopt the more up to date stance of Alabaster DePlume, one favourite new artists of 2022 - "I will not be safe".

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