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What we're reading: Faith, Hope and Carnage - Nick Cave & Sean O'Hagan

"Faith Hope and Carnage" (Canongate Books, Sept 2022) captures the intimate exchanges between Australian singer, songwriter, author, sculptor Nick Cave and Irish journalist Sean O'Hagan, culled from nearly 40 hours of phone conversations that took place during lockdown, between August 2020 and the summer of 2021.

Cave openly discusses his grief following the tragic accidental death of his young son Arthur in 2015 and the transformative influence this has had on his personal life, his work and his relationships.

The Guardian called it "a lament, a celebration, a howl, a secular prayer, a call to arms, a meditation and an exquisite articulation of the human condition. It will take your breath away."

I recommend listening to the Audiobook version, spoken by Cave and O'Hagen themselves.

Running to 8 hours and 37 minutes of intense dialogue, this is an "in-depth interview" like no other!

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