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William Barton - Didgeridoo Master

He describes himself as "composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist" but perhaps the Australian didgeridoo master William Barton's greatest attribute is his collaborative spirit.

I've compiled a playlist of half a dozen of his albums, but his entire catalogue is extraordinary and worth getting lost within.

And most remarkably in his hands, he demonstrates how the didgeridoo adds a timeless depth, bass resonance and bite to orchestral music, like no other acoustic instrument.

In Collaboration

with composer Peter Sculthorpe, Michael Christie and the Queensland Orchestra)

2004 Earth Cry / Piano Concerto

with composer Peter Sculthorpe, Tamara Anna Cislowska, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and James Judd

with composer Peter Sculthorpe, Adelaide Chamber Singers, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

with composer Sean O'Boyle, Queensland Symphony Orchestra

2007 Ancient Souls, Ancient Land

with composer Sean O'Boyle

2010 Desert Stars Dancing

with guitarist and composer Anthony Garcia

with composers Richard Gill and Peter Sculthorpe, poet Judith Wright, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and others

with dancer (Bangarra Dance Company) and composer Matthew Doyle

with classical guitarist, Wilfin Lieske

with classical guitarist, Steve Allen

with Kamileroi elder, Bob Weatherall & Brisbane band, Halfway

with violinist, Véronique Serret

with luthier, Joseph Tawadros

Solo Works

2004 The Journey

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