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2024 World Tour #5 - Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, 27th Edition

SunNeverSetsOnMusic's world tour of music continues to it's 5th destination, as we swing back to Morocco to check on some of the artists scheduled to appear at the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, which is held within the ancient walls of that mind-blowing city, in late May each year. The festival attracts established and emerging world class artists every year, who play to awed audiences whose musical experience is invariably broadened thanks to by the enlightened organising committee's broad definition of the "sacred" in world music.

Abderrafia Zouitene, President of the organisers, "Foundation Esprit De Fes", writes:

"The peaceful coexistence of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity has forged a dynamic and diverse society in Andalusia, known as the “Golden Age,” envied by the world. This era exemplifies the heights of achievement possible when diverse faiths unite in tolerance and understanding. This ethos of peace and mutual respect continues vibrantly in the Kingdom of Morocco, with Fez standing as a stellar example."

Artists who have appeared in previous years include: Joan Baez, Patti Smith, Bjork, Ben Harper, Paco de Lucia, Ravi Shankar, Sabah Fakhri, Kadhem Saher, Mounir Bachir, Asmaa Lamnawwar, Wadi Al Safi, Julia Boutros, Sheikh Yassin Al Tuhami, William Christie, Barbara Hendricks, Jessie Norman, Jordi Saval, Tereza Berganza, Montserrat Figueras, Jean-Claude Casadessus, Arch Shepp, Randy Weston, Youssou N’Dour and Salif Keita.

This years performers, in order of performance, include:

Alain Weber (Director, France), Artists from Uzbekistan, Iran, Syria, India, Spain, Egypt, Italy, Armenia, France, and Morocco - Opening Performance: "Creation - Zyriab Or The Fifth String”

Manu Théron (Director, France), Women’s Choir Of The Occitan Countries, Artists from France, Spain, Italy, and Monaco - "Madelena"

Sami Yusuf  (UK) - "Sami Yusuf In Concert"

Vincent Moon (France) – "A Cinematographic Ritual"

Naïssam Jalal (France / Syria) – "Healing Rituals"

Creation Yatra: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Sufi voices of Desert Slide, The Divana Ensemble, Anwar Khan Manganiyar (Rajasthan, India), Justin Adams (UK), Cherifa Adil Jebbari, Hamadcha Brotherhoods (Morocco) - "SAFAR - From the Palaces of Rajasthan to the Gates of Andalusia"

Loup Barrow (France), Flute J.A Jayant (India) - "Crystal Winds"

Khadija El Afrit / Ensemble Musiqât (Tunisia) – "Istikhbâr"

Flute J.A Jayant (India) – "The Art Of Carnatic Flute"

Trio Three Lines Isabelle Courroy, Marine Sablonnière, Henri Tournier (France) - "Trio Three Lines"

Constantinople Ensemble: Kiya Tabassian, Ablaye Cissoko, Patrick Graham (Montreal, Canada) - "Traversées: Between Africa and Persian Music. Griot Words and Sufi Poetry"

Wang Li and Wu We (China) - "Les Harmoniques Du Ciel, The Harmonics of the Soul"

Scuola Cantorum Basilensis Ensemble (Switzerland) - "Sacred Music Recital"

Franzy, Davide, and Cibran (Galicia, Spain) featuring Amazigh singer Cherifa Kersit (Morocco) - "Galician Musical Roots"

Young Musicians European Orchestra (Morocco) - "Stabat Mater"

DuOuD (France) and Mahmoud Gomaa (Egypt) - "Goma Tribe"

Treibhorn (Switzerland) - "Treibhorn"

Asif Ali Khan, The Ensemble Santoo Khan Qawwal & Party (Pakistan) - "Asif li Khan, Master Of Qawwali"

Vicente Amigo (Cordoba, Spain) – "The Master Of Cordoba – Flamenco Guitar"

Accademia Del Piacere And The Artean Ensemble (Spain) - "Romances"

Conductor Pascal Horecka, Gospel Philharmonic Experience, Contemporary Orchestral Ensemble (France), Kim Burrell (USA) - "Gospel Philharmonic Experience with Kim Burrell & the Contemporary Orchestral Ensemble"

Tariqa Saqualiya (feat. vocalists Samaa and Madih), Tariqa Hamdouchiya (feat. Noureddine Bennouna), Tariqa Tijaniya (feat. Mouhcine Naourach), Tariqa Aissaouiya (feat. Saïd Guissi – Abdellah Yaakoubi, Adnane Nafie, Abdessamad Hadef) (Morocco) - "Sufi Nights"

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